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Free iPhone iMOT

The iMOT is a free service for everyone with an iPhone. You bring in an iPhone and we will put it through its paces and at the end of the test you get a iMOT certificate!

a Fix My iPhone iMOT certificate

This is great if you are looking at selling your iPhone or just having a few problems with your device that you would like us to take a look at.

Yes that's right, this service is totally free. Come to one of our repair centers and we will do the rest.

If you are having problems with your iPhone this is a great way of getting a full quote to bring your iPhone back to life again. Sometimes your iPhone just needs a clean and the iMOT could sort out all thses problems for you.

While you wait…

The iMOT only takes 5 minutes and can be done while you wait. Once the iMOT test is complete you will receive:

  • A printed copy of your iMOT
  • A digital copy of your iMOT
  • A quote for any work that needs doing on the iPhone
  • IMEI login to view your iMOT certificate online

If you are thinking about selling on your iPhone then having a complete iMOT will show your buyer that you have a genuine iPhone in full working order. You can advertise the IMEI number (we will give you this with your iMOT certificate) and your potential customer can check out a digital copy of your iMOT live on our website.

Fix my iPhone iMOT - Official device test